Train and Retain Your Best Talent

Find Value in a Workforce that Is Committed to Continual Growth

Find Value In A Workforce That Is Committed To Continual Growth


In today's world, with many in the workforce striving for the optimum work-life balance, employees are expecting much more than just a decent salary from their employers. By investing in your staff's development, you can show them that you value them and their career — all while upscaling your workforce and preparing your company for the sustainability and technology-driven challenges your organization is facing now and will face in the future.

Degree Programs For Corporate Partners

Retaining the best talent is about nurturing them, and there's no better way to do that than to offer them a higher education degree that combines customized leadership training and support with the latest industry news and teachings. 

Our teams can help you review our exciting Executive MBA (EMBA) and work with you on pricing to ensure that an educational program with the Berlin School is a valuable asset to your employee benefits package.

Interactive Interventions Designed For Your Leadership And Learning Goals

Every customized program between the Berlin School and one of our corporate partners begins with three deceptively simple steps: first, we listen; second, we understand; and third, we collaborate. Together, we can help you review — and rethink — what your business and industry needs. Based on the agreed brief, we consult and curate exceptional content from our repertoire of leading professors and industry experts to bring the most relevant, high quality and up-to-date curriculum directly to you. 

Whether you’re looking for online-only or in-person programs, we will build highly interactive sessions that cover specific cases, simulations, plenary discussions and work, all in a way that encourages participants to implement new frameworks that are immediately actionable. Past participants have commented on how our meaningful and lasting interventions resonated with staff, impacted ROI and had a positive effect on their bottom line.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Future of Doing customized online program, which is based on a cultural movement that’s bringing to the surface compelling insights that inspire discussion.


Our palette of services includes a full range of focused, unique interventions in the areas of strategic consulting, C-level coaching and interactive creativity workshops. We are also confident and trusted consultants who are able to support you through every conceivable stage of your process — from scoping and diagnostic services to visioning and strategic roadmapping. In many cases, we are able not only to advise but also to play a direct role in making your changes happen the way you want them to — whether through key events and supporting activities or by helping you execute concepts in human change management, business development or value proposition creation.

Why Should We Partner with the Berlin School

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