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The Era of Intention Is Here

April 13, 2021


Because innovations, technology and digitalization have increased the options and information available to us, making decisions (especially complex ones) has become more challenging — and the need to not necessarily choose the path of least resistance has become even more important. Put simply, sorting through competing priorities and a whole lot of variables (including price, regulations, ease of access, the pressure to act quickly and more) takes time and mental energy, but not doing so has a cost, too.

While this is true on an individual scale, the decisions made by startups and companies have the potential to have much bigger implications, and the stakes can be incredibly high. Leaders need to be trained well so that finding creative, purpose-driven solutions to these complex problems becomes second nature. Although the majority of us know that sustainability and climate change are particularly important factors in our future, leaders around the world are still grappling with how to align the need for sustainability with the unique demands of their current landscape — and many are still trying to figure out what sustainable leadership actually means. 

When we talk about sustainability and responsibility in the context of leadership and business, we’re not just talking about nature and the environment, as important as that is. We’re also talking about how better, more sustainable leadership decisions can support reputations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, retain and motivate staff, and transform cultures, all while encouraging individuals to innovate with intention.

At the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, we’re all about educating and encouraging the next generation of creative problem-solvers, executives and entrepreneurs. While we’re constantly looking at new ways of cultivating and promoting the up-and-coming leaders in this constantly changing world, we’re excited to use our platform to share some of the key insights we teach to encourage responsible creative leadership.

Global problems need global perspectives.

Our world-class, mobile-first online campus allows us to uniquely build global networks for students who study with us, and we believe that setting all of our students up with that global mindset helps them become leaders who value diversity and inclusion. When our students go on to apply those learnings in the real world — whether that’s through encouraging intercultural management within their organization or activating, evaluating and contributing to prosperity and the common good globally — we know we have prepared them to act with empathy and confidence.

Authentically held beliefs are easier to live out.

It’s hard for everyone in an organization when the rules and details are constantly changing. Once you have a solid understanding of who you are as a leader, it becomes a lot easier to respond clearly, creatively and consistently to problems as they arise, and it puts you in a better position when it comes to bringing out the best in your most important stakeholders. We work extensively with every student, helping them find their unique blend of personal, social and entrepreneurial skills, and we guide them as they learn how to authentically lead individuals and groups throughout transformative processes in a convincing and enthusiastic manner.

It’s important to respond quickly, but it’s equally important to respond thoughtfully.

In today’s 24/7 world, it’s easy to feel pressured to make decisions. The “Move fast and break things” motto may have had its uses, but it also isn’t sustainable (and has sometimes resulted in negative consequences).  When thinking about the costs of our decisions, we can’t just focus on the financial ones. Although we teach our students to look at the standard governance, compliance, project management and accounting factors, we also emphasize the importance of considering the ethical, social, cultural and environmental costs, too. After all, unsustainable decisions and business models have a cost — even if the financial implications aren’t immediately clear.

Lifelong learning as a cultural touchstone is key for organizations of any size.

Digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are changing the way we operate around the globe, and as we dive deeper into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0, these innovations will continue to evolve. Many of the skills we teach and the networks we build have been designed to change in tandem as our future does, but one of the biggest future-proof skills we teach every student is the empowerment that comes with continuously learning, even long after graduation.

Ultimately, our goal at the Berlin School is to inspire our students to drive change — to give them the tools to understand digital innovations and solve entrepreneurial management tasks — while ensuring that they are optimally equipped to lead within ever-evolving work environments. If these insights that we’ve shared have you feeling inspired to learn more about how you can combine innovation and leadership with a continuous ethos of responsibility for society and the environment, check out our two new online sustainable leadership programs: the Bachelor of Arts in Management and Creative Leadership (BA) and the Master of Science in Sustainable and Creative Leadership (MSc).

Both programs will be taught completely online via our revolutionary and convenient new mobile-first e-learning platform, with classes supplemented by a full suite of optional in-person enhancements, all designed to deepen your learning experience and expand your professional network. Enrollment is now open for classes starting this May. Join our creative – and ever-expanding – Berliner community; we can’t wait to welcome you!