Co-create a better future for your creative makers


Customized Online Program

Based on an extensive global insights research and a highly successful podcast series, the Future of Doing ‘movement’ evolved into an online program focused on examining the unique needs of teams who deliver innovation and creativity as their primary function.

Identifying the needs of creative making teams (strategists, technologists, designers and creatives) and implementing concrete procedures for these to be met is imperative – both for the future success of the team and their leaders. What’s more, such measures have been shown to enhance company culture and profitability.

As the nature of value creation evolves away from economies of scale towards economies of creativity, stay ahead of the market by rethinking the key pillars of your employee experience (EX) and co-designing a future workplace where creative making teams can thrive. The results will have an impact far beyond the office walls: increasing ROI, enhancing customer experience and, by extension, positively affecting society as a whole.


The Future of Doing made its debut as a 4-week ‘open’ online program in August 2020. 33 creative minds and leaders from 10 countries attended to learn more about the niche needs of creative making teams and how to integrate these into their working practices for better results.

Feedback received from around the world showed us there is an urgent need felt for closer examination and strategic transformation of the roles, perception, collaboration methods and remuneration of creative makers and innovation teams.

Now, we’re taking up the challenge to reenvision and re-shape the future for creative making teams everywhere, evolving our movement into a customized online program, available to companies looking to more effectively support their creative and innovation teams in learning, co-creating and thriving together.



Why Customized

The Future of Doing customized online program can help if your goal is to:

improve the creative making employee experience and satisfaction within your company.

 nurture and retain creative talent.

upskill new managers or heads in their new leadership roles on how to best support their creative making teams from recruitment through to collaboration and reward.


There is an astounding amount of content emerging about contemporary employee experience (EX). Yet, very little of it focuses on the niche needs of creative configurations made up of designers, technologists, strategists, creative entrepreneurs, art directors and copywriters.

We believe it’s time to bring to the surface compelling insights that inspire discussion. By providing a safe space online for learning and a set of technical and critical thinking skills, we aspire to create positive change in workplaces across the globe.

In bringing the Future of Doing into your company, organization, or client you’re joining a cultural movement – one that will create an impactful ripple effect that, in time, will ultimately make a difference in the lives of creative makers, not just in your own, but in businesses worldwide.

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