Unlocking the Quiet Power: Embracing Introverted Leadership in a Loud World

Are you ready to redefine leadership?

Join us in this groundbreaking LinkedIn Webinar, part of the “Berlin School Visionary Voices” series, featuring Karolien Koolhof, a distinguished Berlin School Alum and an expert in introverted leadership. Explore the uncharted territory of Introverted Leadership and move beyond the conventional image of a loud, commanding leader. We’re here to shatter stereotypes and unveil the immense potential of introverted leaders.

Why should you tune in?:

  • Discover Your Hidden Strengths: Learn how your reflective, thoughtful nature is not just a trait, but a superpower in the leadership realm.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain actionable insights on how to leverage your introversion in leadership roles, transforming challenges into opportunities.

Who is this for?:

  • Aspiring Leaders who identify as introverts.
  • Team Managers seeking to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Anyone curious about the dynamics of introverted leadership.

What to anticipate during this online event:

  • Dive into the rich legacy of the Berlin School.
  • Alumni Chronicles: Tales of profound transformation and lasting impact.
  • A deep dive into the Executive MBA’s diverse offerings.
  • Interactive Q&A: Arrive with questions and depart with clarity.

Join us and transform the way you see leadership. In a world that can’t stop talking, discover how your quiet voice can echo the loudest.

  • Date: 06.12.2023
  • Time: 10:00 AM CET.



Karolien Koolhof is a coach and trainer and the author of “Introverted Leadership.” In her book, she explores the essence of introversion, prevailing leadership paradigms, and the unique challenges faced by introverted leaders. Her work is enriched with interviews with introverted leaders worldwide, showcasing the strength of this leadership style. At this event, Karolien will share insights from her research and personal experiences, linking personality to neurodiversity. Through her company, Quiet Quality, Karolien empowers introverts to navigate their daily challenges more effectively, including aspects of leadership and team management. She also specializes in training and team coaching focused on personality. With a background as an introvert herself, Karolien holds a master’s degree in journalism and an MBA and is a certified coach practitioner.

Event Details


Date: 06.12.2023


10:00 AM CET.