INFO-SESSION: Executive MBA in Creative Leadership 2024

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership is thrilled to unveil its 2024 Executive MBA in Creative Leadership. This program is more than just an academic journey; it has been at the forefront of personal and professional evolution for over two decades.


In our continuous pursuit of innovation, we believe that our 2024 offering isn’t merely a step forward—it’s our most groundbreaking yet. Tailored for tomorrow’s global leaders, this program now includes online modules, seamlessly complementing our on-site sessions’ intimate and collaborative nature.


Our Mandatory On-Site Modules:

  • Berlin: the global heart of creativity. Delve deep into the essence of leadership in the epicenter of world creativity.
  • Asia: Transition to vibrant Asian hubs, where tradition gracefully intertwines with innovation.
  • USA: Culminate in the USA, drawing inspiration from endless realms of possibility.


Trailblazing Special Modules:

  • Berlin Creative Leadership & Design Thinking: Berlin doesn’t merely host this module—it embodies it. Hone groundbreaking innovation skills and inspire teams to push beyond their perceived limits.
  • Berlin School Alums Festival: A one-of-a-kind gathering where our esteemed alums craft a bespoke curriculum. Experience a week where industry leaders converge to shape the future.


What to anticipate during this online event:

  • Dive into the rich legacy of the Berlin School.
  • Alumni Chronicles: Tales of profound transformation and lasting impact.
  • A deep dive into the Executive MBA’s diverse offerings.
  • Interactive Q&A: Arrive with questions and depart with clarity.


Special Announcement: Enrollment for the 2024 cohort is now open. Step into an elite circle of visionary changemakers. Champion the next era of creative leadership. Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot in a realm where creativity and leadership converge, and boundaries are mere springboards.

Event Details


10.01.24 - Wedneyday


1:00 PM