Connecting leaders from around the world

A Growing Community of Creative Leaders

At the Berlin School, we’re committed to celebrating business creativity by sharing knowledge and connecting creative business leaders around the globe. We have hosted participants from over 60 countries and from a wide range of professions, brought together by their drive to take transformational steps in their careers, businesses and industries. We enable these steps through our range of programs, our curriculum taught by academic and industry experts, and our online campus – which also serves as a content platform – the Home of Creative Business Leadership.

Our participants, with their diverse experiences, skills, and backgrounds, make up the heart of our growing global community. To us, community means creating a safe and immersive environment in which to learn, take risks, connect with others, and experiment. It is the living laboratory in which Creative Business Leadership can thrive and succeed.

This is what Berliners look like

Our Online Campus

They say home is where the heart is. Our HOME – the Home of Creative Business Leadership or HCBL – is simultaneously the heart of our Berlin School community and the heart of the action. It’s a venue where current students and alums can discuss their ideas and challenges, browse a comprehensive library of resources in their pursuit of continuous learning and/or catch up on the latest news and updates on our blog and podcast channels . Non-”Berliners” are also warmly invited to come visit and find inspiration in  our extensive media library as well as thought pieces by and interviews with our global network of academic and industry experts.

Our Global Network