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In Times of Degree Skepticism, 7 Reasons Why an Executive MBA is Pivotal in Creative Business

June 26, 2019

Look at the pace at which technology, markets and economies are evolving and growing – shaping the way we innovate and interact. In this era of huge change and uncertainty, taking the time to invest in education sometimes feels like the world will keep spinning without you. At the same time, the leaders who are driving organizations forward are the ones embracing change and curiosity with pride. Our flexible, global Executive MBA is designed to help leaders dissect business challenges and gain a transformational education while keeping ahead of the curve. More than ever, investing in creative leadership, whether for yourself or your team, is crucial for any business to survive and succeed. In fact, we’re seeing its true value, every day, through the success stories of our participants and alumni. From the words of our own community, here are seven reasons to invest in our Executive MBA tailor-made for creative leaders.


1. Learn from a Blend of Academic and Expert Minds

Our Executive MBA was designed by a group of experts from the creative industries who believed that creative solutions are crucial for any business to succeed, whether that’s a respected creative agency, a global retail enterprise or a burgeoning digital start-up. During each module, we invite world-renowned educators and industry experts to lead our classroom, giving participants a once-in-a-life-time chance to learn and ask questions from leaders who are pushing their industries to the limits. They open participants’ minds to new ways of leading teams, tackling business challenges and driving creative solutions.


2. Our Unique DNA

Our DNA is made up of a deep understanding of business complexity and creative environments. Throughout the EMBA, participants uncover a full leadership skillset that allows them to lead on multiple levels at once. Our unique learning methods are founded in the principles of Creative Business Leadership. This approach starts from a true examination of the self and ripples out to those we lead - our teams, partners, clients – right up to products and organizations and how they impact wider society.


3. Connecting the Dots: Theory, Tools and Practice

Like yours, our participants worlds are fast-paced and evolving; we want them to put their learnings to use from day one. Our curriculum is constantly updated to provide a unique blend of business fundamentals as well as cutting edge learnings from creative experts who are pushing the boundaries of innovation, technology, communication and critical thinking. With the support of our faculty and dedicated Thesis Advisor, the final thesis is an opportunity to put real-life ideas to the test which can ultimately further your organization, your industry and your leadership goals.


4. Enter a Diverse Classroom

Diversity is crucial to uncovering creative ideas and leading a successful organisation. Throughout the world, more organizations are committing themselves to this truth. One of the most invaluable aspects of our EMBA program is the chance to learn in a diverse and vibrant classroom. Our participants come from over 60 countries world-wide, not only from every corner of the creative industries, but from fields such as corporate finance, hospitality and more. Every class uncovers a new way of seeing the world and of tackling business challenges. Participants work together to test ideas, absorbing shared and contrasting perspectives along the way and challenging themselves to lead differently.


5. Your Network, Your Global Community

With over 500 participants and alumni worldwide and a network of experts, academic faculty and creative partners, our community is growing every day and extends far beyond the classroom walls. Imagine a network of creative minds you can connect and collaborate with throughout the world through projects, events, meetups and more. Every EMBA participant receives ongoing access to our community and content platform, The Home of Creative Business Leadership, where you can share and collaborate on ideas, discover exclusive content, and find ‘Berliners’ in your local area.


6. Flexible, Global and Tailor-Made

The Berlin School is born from the creative industries – so, we understand the daily challenges of balancing teams, project deadlines and business goals. Our EMBA program is tailor-made to fit around a busy career. With five two-week residencies in Berlin, Asia and the US, you can choose how to fit your degree around your life. This flexible approach not only makes it easy to keep up with work, family and other commitments but lends itself to an active style of learning that makes an impact from the day you enter the class. Reflect and put ideas to the test between modules, and gather new insights and questions to bring to the class along the way.


7. Transformational Learning

We believe in learning that not only transforms your own leadership skillset, but that ripples through every interaction, team, and business decision. The most common phrase we hear from our EMBA community is, ‘it changed my life’. Our participants have gone on to redefine their businesses, publish books, introduce game-changing ideas to their industries, lead incredible social and environmental-impact projects, and in some cases, to quit and start their careers from scratch. No two EMBA experiences are the same. We see our classroom as a creative think-tank, driving each individual participant to reach their full leadership potential and to see their efforts impact the world.

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is thinking they have nothing more to learn. With the pace at which industries, technologies and communities are changing and growing, now is the time to unlearn outdated ways of viewing the world and to empower leaders that can truly impact their teams, organizations and society for the better.